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This concert was to try and help and support those of us who have been based here throughout the pandemic, and to give us something to work towards, a performance to lift our spirits, and the opportunity to earn some money through donations. As you can imagine, this pandemic had decimated our profession and it has been incredibly difficult for us all, particularly those of us who couldn't get home. And as the arts are  in such dire straits at the moment, it is hard to know when things will properly start looking up for us all. 

We raised over £35,000 to help our singers, and would like to thank each and every one of you who helped us along the way.

These funds were distributed equally amongst the singers to help relieve the stress of enforced unemployment and went some way to helping them retain their place here while they waited for the opera and performance industry to return to some semblance of normality OR helped them towards a move home to New Zealand to gift their home country with the skills and joy they have learned in honing their craft internationally.



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Anna Yallop

Auckland Opera Studio

Bushmere Estate Wines

Dame Jenny Gibbs

Dame Malvina Major Foundation

Foundation for Australia and New Zealand Arts

Frances Bell 

Hunn Trust

Ian Page

Dame Judith Mayhew Jonas

Kiri Te Kanawa Foundation

New Zealand Opera Foundation

New Zealand Opera


Adrian Skelton

Adrienne Browne David

Aivale Cole

Alan Broom

Alison Talnage

Althea & Trish Wyndham-Jones

Amanda Warwick 

Anastasia Voronkova

Andrea Gray

Angela Williams

Ann Lynch

Ann O'Grady

Anne Candler

Anne Rentzios 

Annette Bloom

Anthony Ritchie

Archie Kerr

Aroha & Dennis Howell

Ashley Barratt

Ashley Robertson

Bach Choir Wellington

Barbara Abensur 

Barbara Baragwanath 

Barbara Mahon 

Barbara Trimmer

Ben and Lily  

Bill Samuel

Blair & Ngaire Dickie

Brian Adam

Brian Gilbert

Brian Ralph

Brian Shillito

Briar Rose Harrison

Bronwen Holdsworth 

Bronwyn Bijl

Bronwyn Carlisle

Bronwyn Fletcher

Bronwyn Joel

Bruce Caddy

Bryce Kehoe

Carolyn Adams

Catherine McClean 

Catherine Wishart

Cecily Horne

Charmaine Thomson

Chris Casswell

Chris Harris

Chris Kriechbaum

Chris Lovett

Chris McLennan

Chris & Elizabeth Welch

CJ McKenzie

Claire Caldwell

Clare Barnes

Clare Buchanan 

Cooper Sinclair

Cynthia Stevenson 

David McCormick

David Provan

Denise Murfitt 

Derek Rayner & Lynda Burnett

Deryn Groves

Diana Cable

Diana Cavanagh

Diana Gray

Diana Hubbard

Donna Beattie

Ed Beasley  

Ed McFarland

Edward Woods 

Eileen Burton
Eileen Taylor

Elizabeth Gollan

Elizabeth Gordon

Elizabeth Liddell

Elizabeth Marchant

Elizabeth McLeay

Elizabeth Tune 

Emma Sayers

Emma-Jane Cooper

Eric & Alison Johnston & Buchanan 

Eric Tracey

Erica Carman

Eugene McFadyen 

Eveline Harvey

Felicity Pethica 

Gael Cameron

Gayle Wellington

Geoffrey Randells 

Georgia & Clément Aussenac 

Georgie Williams

Geraldine Wilson

Germana Nicklin

Gill Barrington

Gill Harker

Gillian Buchanan

Gillian Newson

Gillian Wess 

Giovanni Dorizzi

Glenn Hurstfield

Goran Stojadinovic

Graham Pope

Grant & Ele Ludemann

Heather Moodie

Heather Sanders

Helen Climo

Helen Gaeta

Helen Liley

Helen Meiklejohn

Heni Johnson

Helen Pennell

Hester Lees-Jeffries

Hinemarie Bailey

Hylton Adcroft

Ian Kirk

Imogen Rumbold

Isabel Morris

Isabella Hall

J Clark

J & G Wilson

Jacque Holbrook

Jacqui Simpson 

Jacqui Wood

Jacquie Carroll

James Harrison

James Marriner

Jan Zawadzki

Jane Chapman

Janet Charlton

Janet Mayes 

Janet von Randow

Janey Pierard  

Janine Campbell

Janine Scoggins 

Janna Candy

Janne Ensor

Jean Grant

Jenny Wollerman 

Jeremy Dunningham
Jessica White

Jessie Graham

Joanne Wilkes

Johanne Egan

John & Lynn Archer

John Miller Crawford

Josie Campbell

John Pemberton

John Seagar

John Turner

Joost & Belinda Stenfert Kroese

Judith Gust

Judy Bellingham

Judy Berryman

Judy Bryant

Judy and Roger France

Julian Parsons

June Reynolds

Kat McCann

Kate Blackman

Kate Burtt

Kate Paulin

Karen Teo

Karl Bates

Karyn Andreassend

Kathy Aspden

Kay Rayner

Kyle Macdonald 

Les Holborow 

Lesley & Ian Graham

Lesley Munro

Liffet Stewart

Linda Taylor

Linden Loader

Lindsay Missen

Liz Hoskin

Liz Jerram

Liz Orbell

Liz and Morehu Solomon

Louise & Neville Porter

Loryn Cooper

Lydia Hascott

Lyn Milne 

Lynne Dickson

Lynne McDonald

Malcolm Moore

Margaret Ericksen 

Margaret Hodges

Marie Brown

Marie U

Marie-Christine Keith

Marin Burgess

Marion Eades

Marion Townend

Matthew Glubb

Mary Singleton

Mary Strang 

Maureen Amar

Megan Moller

Melanie Douglas

Melanie Scott

Mele Wendt

Merran Hookway

Michael Cooper

Michelle May-Jones

Mike Wicksteed 

Moira Taylor

Monique Drummond

Monique Foulger

Naomi Forrester 

Natalie Gyles 

Nicola Barnes

Nick & Stephanie Francis

Pamela Gillespie

Pamela Newick

Pamela Rawle

Patricia Housden

Patricia Ludford

Patricia O'Connor

Paul Levien

Peter Johnson

Peter Scott

Peter & Anthea Springford

Peter Stead

Phillipa MacDonald

Phillipa & David Wallace

The Piano Center for Music and the Arts 

Rachel Cadwallader 

Rachel, Walter Dahl & Aoake

Rae de Lisle

Rebecca Tansley

RNZ Concert Staff

Rob & Rhonda Sparrow

Robert Alston

Robert Wilton

Robert Wiremu

Robin Bayley

Robin Hodge

Robyn Norton

Robyn Peers

Robyn Richards

Ruth Thielke 

Sally Pocock 

Sally Storr

Sandra Furness


Sandy Cowan 

Sara Clymo

Sara Naudi 

Sarah Hilton-Dennis

Sarah Palmer

Sarah Priday

Sarah Wright

Sean O'Connor

Sharon Cuzens

Shelagh & Nick Richardson

Shirley Early

Stacey Dixon

Stella Milne

Stella Milsom

Stephen De Pledge

Stephen Harrop

Stephen Ryder-Smith

Steve Turner

Steven Nagler

Stuart Park

Sue Beaumont Orr

Sue Martin

Susan Case 

Susan Gordon

Susan Graham

Susan Wylie

Suzanne Collinge

Suzanne Harvey

Tania Bearsley  

Tania Dreaver

Ted Townsend

Thiers Halliwell

Toby Gee
Tony Hastings

Tooki Garrett

Tracey Jury

Tracey Tyler

Trish Barry

Vanessa Kay

Vaughan Currie - Rush Munro's Ice Creamery

Vivienne Wordley

Warner Haldane

Wayne Wedderspoon 

Wendy Benjamin

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